Hedging Reduces Risk and Can Guarantee Profits

Futures Betting

Futures betting is placing a bet on a distant event. Payouts are higher than betting on the winner during the season, but the winner must endure a challenging journey before actually winning.

Look for these when betting on Futures:

  • Teams that are healthier than last season. Teams will usually have higher payouts since they did poorly last season, but chances of winning increase with one or more star players returning from an injury.

  • Teams futures can increase or decrease leading up to the event. Futures are not always set in stone, be aware of this.

  • Teams that are NOT the past season's winner. Back to back winners are rare.

Underdog Betting

An underdog is a term for a team or competitor that is expected to lose in a given match or game. The underdog's chances of winning is lower, which means the payout is very high if they win.

Look for these when betting on Underdogs:

  • Teams that are playing on their home turf. Teams tend to do better when they play at home and have more of their fans cheering them on.

  • Teams that are playing fan favorites. Fan favorites become favorites for a number of reasons, not always due to skill, however all credit is given to them. Non-risk taking gamblers place bets on the fan favorites thinking it is an automatic win, therefore increasing the underdogs payout.

  • Teams that are healthier than the favorite. Favorites that have one or more of their star players recently injured will usually stay labeled as the favorite, but without the skill that initially made them the favorites.

Minimal Outcome Betting

Minimal outcome betting is finding a group of similar bets that have a small amount of outcomes.

Look for these when Minimal Outcome Betting:

  • Martial arts fighting sports can only end by decision, submission, a type of knockout, or a tie. There are only seven possible outcomes.

  • Soccer methods of victory include regular time, extra time, or penalties per team. There are only seven possible outcomes.

  • Boxing can only end by points, type of knockout, or tie. There are only five possible outcomes.

Similar Yet Different Betting

Making a Similar Yet Different Bet means betting on a group of the same position or outcomes in various games.

Look for these when Similar Yet Different Betting:

  • Games that will end in a tie, or that the score after the first half will be a tie. Payouts are generally higher for these games.

  • First person to score bets. Find the handful of players that are the go to players.

  • Win by a certain margin. A lot of sports teams will usually win by a certain margin of points. Determine that margin and a group of teams that usually hit that mark.